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Nutsy? Who is that?

Nutsy is the nickname my best friend gave me years ago. She also says she keeps me around for entertainment. My real name is Nancy Reynolds, I married a wonderful young man in 1971, sadly he passed away in June 2020.  We have two beautiful daughters, two even more beautiful granddaughters and two amazing grandsons. We are soon to have an amazing step grandson, our eldest daughter is getting married this summer.
My family: me, granddaughter Kenna, daughter Victoria, daughter Charlotte and husband Lee

Speaking of my amazing grandsons, I visited in June 2021 and we played with a Paper Pumpkin Kit. Dexter, the oldest, and Jaxson, the youngest, had a wonderful time. I was super impressed by how well they cooperated and helped each other.

Our fur family!
This is Tommy, he was living on his own so I began feeding the very skinny cat about 11 years ago, he moved inside that winter and has been my lap kitty ever since. Another sad happening, we lost him in January of 2020. I really miss having a cuddly kitty on my lap in the evening,

Here is Bird - he’s a black lab about 12 years old. He had been hit by a car and had a broken pelvis. His ownders signed him over to our vet clinic and we got a phone call to come see if we’d like a black lab. He is a sweetheart. Very loving, but is looking older now.

And last is our youngster, Harley. He’s 3 years now (2019) and quite the character. You may notice one leg is wonky - it seems his radius isn’t connected at the carpus (wrist). He’s not a candidate for surgery since it’s also not well attached at his elbow. He is one tough, active, silly and loving dog. Yes, he does think he’s a lap dog...what a lapful he is!

How did I become a Stampin’ Up!®?

I joined Stampin’ Up® in 2007. I attended a couple workshops and knew I wanted to make cards. I’d never thought of myself as artistic, but as I made the projects I began to feel artistic, but I was overwhelmed, I really did not know where to start. Happily, my friend (yes, the same one who gaveme my nickname) encouraged me to sign up as a demonstrator. Other friends there said they would always make sure I would make my quarterly minimum (which is only $300 every quarter). They have kept their promise all these years; however, they did not warn me that I would become an avid cardmaker, too.

I even felt so artistic that I bought some acrylic paint and painted a mural on our shed. Since I look at it from the office while I’m on the computer, I wanted to look at something other than a blue wall. Here’s a picture:

I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and “meeting” me. I’d love to know something about you so please leave a comment. :-)

If you don’t have a demonstrator and are interested in purchasing Stampin’ Up! products or joining my team, Nutsy’s Stampers, pop back to the home page, I just learned how to put links at the top.

Nancy “Nutsy” Reynolds

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  1. Hello Nancy, my name is Jan. I became a demonstrator last year and I am a fellow JW. I would love to get to know other JW in the Stampin' Up community.